City Council passes resolution reaffirming commitment to eliminate racism and discrimination

Last night, the City Council passed a resolution responding to recent protests and calls for reform throughout the United States by reaffirming the City’s commitment to eliminate racism and discrimination.

The resolution reads:

The City of San Gabriel hereby condemns the excessive and unnecessary use of force by the former police officers of the Minneapolis Police Department that led to the homicide of George Floyd.

The City of San Gabriel reaffirms its support of the public’s right to peacefully and lawfully assemble and protest for the expression of political and social viewpoints, particularly on matters of paramount importance such as the personal safety of its diverse residents, and their legitimate and constitutionally guaranteed right to equal treatment under the laws.

The City of San Gabriel reaffirms its commitment to the fair, even, and equal administration and enforcement of its laws, including in the front line enforcement of the laws by its police officers, and condemns any conduct that might lead to a differentiation in the safety, respect, courtesy, and confidence its residents and businesses are entitled to have in the provision of police services, based on race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin or other protected status.

The City of San Gabriel hereby commits to an ongoing process of self-reflection, examination, active listening and engagement with the community to review our current policies and practices, including policies and practices within the San Gabriel Police Department, to ensure the fair, even and equal administration and enforcement of its laws, to eliminate racism and discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin or other protected status in the City of San Gabriel’s policies and practices, to hold the entire organization accountable to these standards, and to adopt reforms necessary to do so.

You may read the complete resolution here.

The San Gabriel Police Department has also released a statement in response to the incident in Minneapolis:

In light of the recent events in Minneapolis that have touched our local communities and the nation as a whole, the San Gabriel Police Department acknowledges the need to address recent events.  The San Gabriel Police Department is committed now more than ever as leaders to protect and uphold the rights of everyone in our diverse community that is the City of San Gabriel.

Especially in these difficult times, it is both our duty and desire as peace officers to lead by example in first holding ourselves accountable, while policing the community we serve to maintain public safety and order, as well as stand alongside those that seek to address specific injustices and bring about positive change for the betterment of our society.  We embrace the ideology that all are created equal and endeavor to protect the constitutional rights of all by opposing deeds caused by racism, tyranny, and oppression.

The San Gabriel Police Department will continue to provide unwavering support to all the rights and civil liberties that our nation ensures including freedom of expression, peaceful protests and meaningful dialogue between oftentimes opposing views.  In realizing that trust and legitimacy and transparency are paramount in partnering with the community, we will continue to listen and be responsive to the needs of the San Gabriel community.

As sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and peace officers, we too are troubled when we see acts of injustice.  This is what motivated us to be police officers early on in our lives.  As peacemakers, we have been blessed with the opportunity to safeguard the lives and property of the public.  Now and always, we will safeguard those willing to exercise their right to assemble and be heard through harmonious dialogue.  For those that choose to express themselves through unlawful acts and disrupt the peaceful message conveyed by many folks against racial violence and oppression, we will not allow or condone it in any way.

In ending, we extend an invitation to those who wish to express their concerns through a non-violent organized assembly and we stand with our community and fully support your right to peacefully protest against acts of injustice.

An infographic on the San Gabriel Police Department’s use of force may be found here.