Denise Menchaca appointed Mayor of San Gabriel

The following is a wrap-up of the April 7 City Council meeting. You may read the complete agenda here or listen to the audio here.

At the April 7 City Council meeting, the City Council appointed Denise Menchaca as the Mayor of San Gabriel.

Of the appointment, Mayor Menchaca said, “I am deeply grateful to my colleagues on the City Council for giving me the opportunity to serve as Mayor as we continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.” Mayor Menchaca continued, “Amidst the daily challenges surrounding each of us, I want to give assurances to the San Gabriel community that the City Council and our City staff are working tirelessly to mobilize resources for residents and businesses. We’re here to offer support and guidance as we all navigate through these uncertain times. Let’s all do our part to slow the spread by staying home, practicing physical distancing and following other preventative measures from our health officials. Our San Gabriel family will get through this together and we will achieve even greater things ahead.”

Of his appointment to Vice Mayor, Vice Mayor Chin Ho Liao said, “I am truly honored being chosen as the Vice Mayor of San Gabriel.” Vice Mayor Liao continued, “For the past seven years as a City Councilmember, I have worked tirelessly for our community. Every decision I have made on the dais has been for the best interests of our residents. While facing the current COVID-19 pandemic, I will work diligently to pull together resources to help San Gabriel residents and businesses. Love and kindness can conquer all.”

The City Council also welcomed Councilmember Tony Ding following the March 3 election. Of his appointment to the City Council, Councilmember Tony Ding said, “Thank you to the residents of San Gabriel for putting their trust in me.” Councilmember Ding continued, “I am honored by their trust and I want to thank the countless volunteers who helped me with my campaign. I look forward to working with every member of the City Council on doing more for our community. I will be a Councilmember for all residents and I’ll work hard to make San Gabriel a better place to live.”