City Council approves purchase of two T3 Motion Patrollers for the SGPD

The following is a wrap-up of the December 3 City Council meeting. You may view the complete agenda here as well as a video of the meeting here.

City Council approves purchase of two T3 Motion Patrollers for the SGPD

To improve public safety, the City Council – in a 5-0 vote – approved the purchase of two T3 Motion Patrollers for the San Gabriel Police Department at a cost of $28,459.05. These T3 Motion Patrollers will augment the current patrol fleet and reduce operational costs through fuel savings.

These patrollers are typically used in airports, transportation hubs, malls, hotels, government facilities, stadiums and at public special events. For San Gabriel, the patrollers may be used at Surf’s Up, Cinco de Mayo, FairviewCon, National Night Out and many other City events.

City Council approves Finance Department reorganization

In a unanimous vote, the City Council approved the reorganization of the City’s Finance Department.

Back in November of this year, the City Council approved staffing changes to the Finance Department. Since then, a position has been vacated. This provides an opportunity to further restructure the department to provide more effective operations, including a cost savings of $51,600 in General Fund salary savings.

Specific changes include the reclassification of a Financial Services Manager to Assistant Finance Director, the change of a vacant Financial Services Manager to a Management Analyst, the elimination of a Finance Clerk I/II position, the retitling of the remaining Finance Clerk I/II position to an Accounting Technician I/II and the restructuring of a part-time Information Technology Specialist to a full-time position.

City Council approves installation of crosswalk markings and signage on Broadway for Smith Park

To improve pedestrian safety, the City Council approved the installation of a mid-block pedestrian crosswalk on Broadway near the Smith Park swimming pool. A study by the Public Works Department determined that a new crosswalk would channel pedestrian crossing where pedestrians can be seen and expected by motorists.

The proposed crosswalk design has been reviewed by the Public Works Director and stamped by JMDiaz, Inc. The design will include pedestrian ramps, advanced yield lines, advanced signage and markings to improve pedestrian visibility at a cost of approximately $1,000 from the Local Street Maintenance fund.

In addition, the City Council also approved the following items: