City Council reviews Los Angeles County Fire Department feasibility study

The following is a wrap-up of the November 19 City Council meeting. You may view the complete agenda here as well as a video of the meeting here.

City Council reviews Los Angeles County Fire Department feasibility study

Following the approval of a study earlier this year, the City Council reviewed a report from the Los Angeles County Fire Department that examines the cost of the City contracting its fire services to the County.

In the report, the County proposes two options of service: Option A (with a proposed cost of $7,572,017) and Option B (with a proposed cost of $7,452,280). Option A most closely resembles the response model used by the San Gabriel Fire Department. Meanwhile, Option B eliminates a paramedic rated firefighter and one engine company along with a minor reduction in overall cost and in service. The county report is comprehensive, so we recommend giving it a read here for more information about both options from the County.

For some context to this study, the City Council is currently evaluating how to expand the capabilities of the SGFD to match the level of growth and development that the City has experienced. The last major structural change to the fire department occurred in 2000 when the SGFD joined the Verdugo Fire Communications and entered into a unified response agreement.

At the moment, the SGFD relies heavily on automatic aid agreements with surrounding agencies to meet current response needs. Contracting with the County is one of several possible options that the City Council may explore to enhance the City’s fire services.

You can read more about the current state of the San Gabriel Fire Department and the County report here.

City Council approves continuation of parking enforcement services

In a 5-0 vote, the City Council approved the continuation of parking enforcement services with InterCon Security. The City has contracted with InterCon Security since 2015, and the company deploys four officers to provide 126 hours of parking enforcement coverage per week.

InterCon also provides:

  • A company owned vehicle for parking enforcement activities for their staff along with maintenance and fuel
  • Administrative needs for InterCon employees, including disciplinary matters and payroll

The San Gabriel Police Department also contracts with Phoenix Parking Solutions to help service and process parking citations.

For some background, the City issued a request for proposals back in May 2019 and received no proposals. When questioned, several parking enforcement agencies noted that the City’s service package was not financially beneficial for their operating model.

The City also studied creating an in-house parking enforcement group. After studying the cost of enforcement, the City calculated a total annual cost of $286,400 which exceeds the cost of the InterCon contract. In light of this, staff from the San Gabriel Police Department recommended that the City continue its agreement with InterCon.

In addition, the City Council also approved the following items:

  • Material demands and a cash and investment report for October 2019
  • Second reading and adoption of ordinance of the 2019 California building and fire codes
  • Potential funds from Senate Bill 2, which provides funding and technical assistance to all local governments in California to help prepare, adopt and implement improvements that streamline housing approvals
  • A temporary street closure at 400 West Broadway between Santa Anita Street and Junipero Place on February 7, 2020