City Council approves Edison initiative to replace street lighting with LEDs

The following is a wrap-up of the October 1 City Council meeting. You may view the complete agenda here as well as a video of the meeting here.

Southern California Edison currently owns and maintains 460 street lights in San Gabriel. To fund the lighting system, the City pays a monthly facility fee of $66,493 for 460 poles which includes the cost of electricity and maintenance.

Edison recently estimated that the cost of conversion would cost $147,200. The City does not pay any additional costs to participate in the conversion, and Edison recovers the cost over a 20-year period through energy cost savings. Because the energy cost savings is greater than the recovery mechanism, the City still sees a net savings on the energy bill each month.

Edison estimates that the City would save approximately $2,458 per year during the 20-year repayment period and $10,014 per year after 20 years.

City Council adopts zone text amendment for accessory dwelling units

Back at the September 17 City Council meeting, the City Council reviewed a zone text amendment that includes language that refines and clarifies the City’s code concerning ADUs.

This amended zone text amendment would delete references to previous accessory unit options, and provide clarification to ADU developments. The amendment also adds a requirement for a covenant to be recorded with all future ADU applications.

City Council approves memorandum of agreement with SGVCOG for coyote management

With a 3-2 vote with Councilmember Costanzo and Councilmember Harrington voting against the motion, the City Council approved an agreement with the SGVCOG for coyote management services. The agreement includes two community meetings each year, the SGVCOG’s participation in one local family/youth event, mailers to neighborhoods with high numbers of human coyote encounters, statistics and data from local and regional reports and an online website with reporting functionality.

The annual cost of the event is $10,000, and the agreement includes two years of service.  

City Council approves CERT grant

As part of Governor Newsom’s emergency preparedness campaign, grants have been given to local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and LISTOS (Spanish for ready) programs. The San Gabriel Fire Department received a grant of $20,000 – $15,000 of which is dedicated toward equipment, background checks and training for new and existing CERT volunteers. The remaining $5,000 will be dedicated to training and equipment for LISTOS.