City Council wrap-up: SGFD to purchase new fire engine and defibulators

It’s the third Wednesday of a new month which means that we’re back with another City Council wrap-up. If you’d like to view the agenda in its entirety, you may do so here.

SGFD to purchase new defibrillators

To replace the fire department’s aging fleet of defibrillators, the City Council unanimously approved last night the purchase of three new cardiac monitor defibrillators with updated diagnostic and important life-saving capabilities.

The original defibrillators were purchased in 2010 as part of an Area C grant (as an FYI, Area C is composed of several cities to provide unified fire and emergency medical services to 12 area fire departments, of which San Gabriel is a member). Since the defibrillators were designed with a service life of five to seven years, the department has deemed it necessary to replace the fleet with three Zoll X-Series Cardiac Monitors.

During the council discussion, Councilmember Denise Menchaca inquired about the department’s preference for Zoll Medical Corporation since the company is based in Massachusetts rather than sourcing from a California-based manufacturer. Staff’s answer? Since the majority of fire stations in Area C use Zoll, it wouldn’t be as cost effective for the SGFD to select another manufacturer due to the costs associated with integrating with the rest of Area C.

The total cost of the purchase will be $121,807.43, with $98,969.00 coming from the 2015 Assistance to Firefighters Grant. To use the grant, the city is required to provide a 10% match of $9,867.00, with $12,971.43 coming from the city’s general fund.

SGFD to purchase a new fire engine

As part of the fire department’s fire apparatus replacement plan, the City Council also unanimously approved last night the purchase of a new 2018 Pierce Quantum fire engine. This engine will replace the department’s 2005 Pierce Quantum engine, which will be placed on reserve.

As a bit of backstory, the fire department proposed a replacement plan in 2001 that utilizes fire engines for 12 years of front-line use with 6 years in reserve. Since the 2005 Pierce Quantum is reaching the end of its front line service, a 2018 Pierce Quantum was chosen as its proposed replacement. Selecting the Pierce would provide standardization to the department’s front line, reserve and US&R engines. In addition, like Zoll, the Pierce Quantum line aligns with the majority of Area C agencies.

The final cost of the vehicle is $663,748.18.

Council upholds Massage Queen (425 West Valley Boulevard #105) denial 

The City Council – by a vote of 4-1, with Councilmember Liao voting against the motion – also voted to deny Massage Queen’s appeal last night for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Previously, the Planning Commission denied Massage Queen a CUP by a vote of 2-0-1. Staff also found that Massage Queen didn’t comply with the city’s General Plan, specifically: the goal to create a vibrant business community, the goal to develop retail that will address the needs of the community, and to ensure that the new development is appropriately and sensitively buffered from its neighbors.

Council holds public hearing on proposed Community Development Block Grant budget plan

By a unanimous vote, the City Council also approved last night staff’s proposed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the next fiscal year.

The city receives CDBG funding from the Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles, which must be used to meet national objectives and to serve a low and moderate income population.

The Community Development Commission has advised the city that it should receive approximately $310,606 in CDBG funds. A final notice of funding will be issued in the spring.

The city’s proposed CDBG budget plan will allocate:

  • $88,000 for code enforcement (down from $88,539 from the last fiscal year)
    • FYI: This program helps prevent the decline of property maintenance in areas with a low and moderate income population of at least 51%
  • $184,60 for street repairs (down from $504,976* from the last fiscal year)
    • FYI: This project proposes to repair streets in CDBG low and moderate income designated areas, including grinding, pavement, new curb ramps and other street-related improvements. Specific proposed improvements include Saxon Avenue (from the I-10 Del Mar Boulevard off ramp to the I-10 San Gabriel Boulevard on ramp), Loftus Avenue (from Del Mar Boulevard to the Alhambra Wash), Strathmore Avenue (from Saxon Avenue to Marshall Street), Denton Avenue (from I-10 to Marshall Street), Lafayette Street (from Saxon Avenue to Marshall Street) and Glendon Way (from Lafayette Street to California Street)
    • * Funds for this fiscal year are larger due to carryover funds from previous years
  •  $38,000 for youth programs (up from $37,935 from the last fiscal year)
    • FYI: This funds after school programs at McKinley School as well as summer programs at Smith Park and Vincent Lugo Park

Consent calendar

Finally, the City Council unanimously voted last night to approve items on the consent calendar, which includes: