City of San Gabriel Issues Update on Ongoing Investigation into Mission San Gabriel Fire

Yesterday evening on July 21, custody of the structure was returned from the investigators to the Mission San Gabriel. Investigators had been at the scene at the Mission San Gabriel since the incident began on July 11, but were only able to thoroughly examine the building beginning on July 15 once engineers and structural specialists were able to stabilize loose debris. The investigation remains ongoing and a definite cause is still being determined by investigators.

We are aware of media reports of an individual who was charged for a separate attempted arson incident in San Gabriel on July 12. This individual was arrested for an unrelated charge. The investigation into the Mission San Gabriel incident remains ongoing.

For those in the media and the public that are interested in following developments associated with the Mission San Gabriel fire, a special news page has been established at, including an incident summary, information about the current status of the investigation, press releases and media contact information. You may view the page here.