City Council adopts 2019-2020 midyear budget adjustments

The following is a wrap-up of the April 21 City Council meeting. You may view the complete agenda here as well as a video of the meeting here.

City Council adopts 2019-2020 midyear budget adjustments

Following the guidance of the City’s Fiscal Sustainability Policy, the City Council reviewed and unanimously approved a mid-year budget report that included adjustments to the City’s expected revenue estimates and expenditure appropriations.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the City is anticipating lower revenue from sales tax and transient occupancy tax. The adjusted numbers include a reduction to estimated revenues of $1,863,712 and a decrease in expenditure appropriations of $778,000. This will result in a decrease of $1,085,712 to the City’s General Fund.

The City Council approved a resolution which approves all necessary adjustments to the current revenue estimates and expenditure appropriations.

City Council reviews housing element annual report 

The California Department of Housing and Community Development and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research require jurisdictions like San Gabriel to submit an annual progress report. This data is used to create a snapshot of housing production across different affordability levels, a listing of development applications received and provides an update on housing program implementation.

For San Gabriel, our community received a Regional Housing Needs Assessment of 930 housing units. Permits were issued for 34 housing units in 2019, representing .04% of the target number. This includes 21 accessory dwelling units and 13 condominium units and single family homes.

City Council approves new fee schedule for Community Services

In a unanimous vote, the City Council approved a revised fee schedule for Community Services. Since the Citywide Fee Schedule was adopted in 2019, Community Services has reviewed its fees in relation to the cost of the service and the costs of neighboring communities. Fee changes include a change in the fee for renting a concession stand at Vincent Lugo Park, summer day camp programs and spring and winter camps.

These changes will allow the City to recover costs and to provide residents with clear and concise list of fees.

The following items were also discussed: