City Council approves new round of street improvements

The following is a wrap-up of the November 5 City Council meeting. You may view the complete agenda here as well as a video of the meeting here.

City Council approves street improvements to Santa Anita Street, Arroyo Drive, Carmelita Drive, Junipero Place, Clary Avenue and Fairview Avenue  

By a 5-0 vote, the City Council approved a construction contract to Sequel Contractors, Inc. for $2,236,520 to complete the second phase of the 2019 Great Streets Program.

This includes the pavement rehabilitation of Santa Anita Street between Mission Road and Mission Drive, Arroyo Drive between Santa Anita Street and Mays Alley, San Marcos Street between Santa Anita Street and Mays Alley, Carmelita Drive between San Marcos Street and Mission Drive, Junipero Place between Clary Avenue and Broadway, Clary Avenue between Junipero Place and Junipero Drive, the alley west of City Hall, Bilton Way between Fairview Avenue and Orange Street and Orange Street between Montecito Drive to Del Mar Avenue.

This project will incorporate a new fiber reinforcement into the pavement mix to extend the life of the street. Fiber reinforcement increases the tensile strength of the pavement and improves crack resistance.

Funds for these projects will come from the Great Streets Project accounts.

City Council reviews 2018-2019 unaudited year-end numbers and 2019-2020 first quarter budget

As part of the new budget policies, the City Council will now be given a first quarter review of preliminary budget numbers from the City. As part of this requirement, the City’s Finance Department produced a report that covers fiscal year 2018-2019 year-end unaudited numbers along with a 2019-2020 first quarter review for July through September.

You may read the report here.

City Council approves purchase of a sewer video inspection truck

In an unanimous vote, the City Council approved the purchase of a sewer video inspection truck. As a result of a sewer consent judgement issued several years ago, the City is required to video inspect sewer lines every five years. In the past, video inspections were outsourced, with the most recent contract exceeding $400,000. The purchase of this video truck will allow the Public Works Department to video inspect the sewer system in house at a lower overall cost.

The video inspection truck will have the ability to video inspect up to 1000 feet of sewer line. The truck will be funded by the Sewer Fund, and is included in the 2019-2020 operating budget.

City Council reviews new building and fire codes

Every three years, the City Council is asked to consider the adoption of updated fire, building and safety codes based on the California Building Standards Commission, which provides a framework for fire, building and safety practices.

San Gabriel’s building, safety and fire codes were last adopted in November 2016. New amendments include updates to the fire prevention and protection code, nuisances, structural design amendments and building regulations.

Ultimately, the implantation of these codes will produce safer buildings and communities that suffer less damage when natural disasters occur. The new codes also provide a higher level of efficiency for plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems which helps lower utility costs for end-users.

In addition, the City Council also reviewed the following items: