City Council reviews draft zone text amendment, continuing discussion to 9/17 meeting

The following is a wrap-up of the September 3 City Council meeting. You may view the complete agenda here as well as a video of the meeting here.

Last night, the City Council discussed and provided modifications to the zone text amendment staff report and directed City staff to bring back the item to the September 17 City Council meeting for consideration.

Between 2016 and 2017, several bills were signed by former Governor Brown that introduced new regulations for the development of accessory dwelling units. The legislation removed regulatory barriers that deterred ADU development and local municipalities were given three options to adopt the new policies:

  1. Adopt the state standards as their own ordinance
  2. Choose not to adopt anything, which subjects the municipality to state standards
  3. Adopt its own ADU ordinance to tailor requirements to existing development patterns in their community

After an analysis, staff from the City’s Planning Division believed that the City should encourage ADU development but also ensure compatibility with the existing single family residences in the community. Several segments of the San Gabriel Municipal Code were identified for deletion or modification, including the deletion of outdated references to second residential units and senior housing units, the clarification of current ADU language and the recordation of a covenant.

City Council approves temporary street closure at 864 Commercial Avenue between Gladys Avenue and the Rubio Wash with 4-0 vote

The City Council, in a 4-0 vote, approved a request from Ogopogo Brewing Company for a temporary street closure on September 21, 2019 from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Commercial Avenue between Gladys Avenue and the Rubio Wash.

City Council approves adoption of a new limited service/part-time position for a management specialist

Recently, the Human Resources department identified a need for a new limited service/part-time position that allows the City to hire experienced professionals to complete special assignments of limited duration or to provide high-level management support on an as-needed basis. The Management Specialist is a professional support, special assignment position classification designed to help the City addressing staff needs of this nature.

In addition, the following items passed:

  • Minutes for the special City Council meeting on August 20 and the regular City Council meeting on August 20
  • Material demands



00:00:55 – Item 1 (Approval of Agenda Order)
00:01:26 – Item 2 (Presentations)
00:01:34 – Item 3 (Public Comment)
00:07:25 – Item 4 (Consent Calendar)
00:10:25 – Item 5 (Public Hearing)
00:58:50 – Item 6 (New Business)
00:58:59 – Item 7 (Public Comment)
00:59:25 – Item 8 (City Manager’s Report)
00:59:32 – Item 9 (Council Comments and Conference/Meeting Reports)