City Council to review construction contract for road improvements to Denton Avenue, Glendon Way, Lafayette Street, Saxon Avenue

Here’s a preview of the April 16 City Council meeting. You may view the full agenda here.

City Council to review construction contract for road improvements to Denton Avenue, Glendon Way, Lafayette Street, Saxon Avenue  

As part of the 2018 CDBG Street Improvement Project, the City has been authorized to proceed with new asphalt pavement, new access ramps and new striping and pavement markings.

The project will resurface a total of .6 miles of street segments, including:

  • Denton Avenue from the I-10 to Marshall Street
  • Glendon Way from Lafayette Street to Marshall Street
  • Lafayette Street from Saxon Avenue to Marshall Street
  • Loftus Drive from Del Mar Avenue to the east end
  • Saxon Avenue from the westbound I-10 Del Mar Avenue offramp to the westbound I-10 San Gabriel Boulevard Onramp
  • Strathmore Avenue from Saxon Avenue to Marshall Street

City staff from Public Works is recommending that the City Council review and approve a construction contract with All American Asphalt for a total bid amount of $377,334, approve an increased appropriation of $126,013 of unallocated CDBG funds, and approve a purchase order of $415,067.40 which includes a 10% construction contingency.

If approved, construction on the project can begin in May 2019 and will be completed in June 2019 to meet the CDBG schedule requirements.

City Council to review extension agreement with financial auditors White Nelson Diehl Evans, CPA

Back in 2013, the City Council selected White Nelson Diehl Evans, LLP as the City’s independent auditors after holding a competitive selection process. In 2016, the City Council approved a three-year extension of that contract, which then ended in 2018.

With the conclusion of that contract extension, White Nelson Diehl Evans has indicated that they are willing to serve as the City’s auditors for the year ending on June 30, 2019. The extension includes a base cost of $31,000 plus $4,300 for a single audit alongside a $5,000 contingency if additional work is required.

City staff is recommending that the City Council authorize an extension of the City’s audit contract for one additional year. City policy dictates that the City Council must approve all professional services agreements over $15,000. Funding for the extension would come from the Finance Department’s 2019-20 budget.

City Council to review agreement with Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates and Imprenta Communications Group for polling, education and outreach for a sales tax ballot initiative

Over the past several years, the City’s general fund revenues have not met projections. As a result, the City’s general fund balance is below the City’s current goal of 10% general fund expenditures. Without additional revenue sources, the City will not be able to increase general fund reserves to prudent levels.

After reviewing the City’s financial status, the City Council directed City staff to look into the possibility of a sales tax initiative on the November 2019 election. Should an initiative be approved by voters, it would generate approximately $3,000,000 per year that would go to the City’s general fund for street repairs, infrastructure improvements, police, fire, recreation programs and other City priorities.

To help assist in these efforts, City staff is recommending that the City contract outreach and polling services with Fairbank, Maslin, Maulin, Metz & Associates and Imprenta Communication Group for a total cost of $95,322.

City Council to review resolution detailing a fiscal sustainability policy 

In an effort to foster and support the financial strength and stability of the City, the Finance Department is recommending the approval of a fiscal sustainability policy.

Several main tenants include:

  • Delivering quality services in an affordable, efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Maintaining an adequate financial base to sustain a sufficient level of municipal services
  • Providing essential public facilities and preventing the deterioration of the City’s public facilities and capital assets
  • Maintaining stability during local and regional economic fluctuations and to adjust to changes in the service requirements of the community
  • Protecting and enhancing the City’s credit rating to assure the community that the City is well managed and financially sound
  • Ensuring compliance with accounting and management practices
  • Providing transparency in the financial operations of the City

As part of this policy, the resolution outlines best practices in the areas of budgeting, economic development, risk management, accounting, auditing and financial reporting, cash management and investment and debt management.

City Council to review 2019-20 budget development guiding principles

As part of the proposed fiscal sustainability policy outlined above, the City Manager is required to submit a list of guiding principles for the upcoming budget year.

For the next fiscal year, the guiding principles include the following:

  • City budgets must balance
  • The City shall maintain prudent reserves
  • The City shall maintain its infrastructure
  • The City shall base its budget on realistic estimates
  • The City shall fund ongoing costs with ongoing revenues
  • The City shall endeavor to maintain competitive compensation
  • The City shall competitively procure goods and services
  • The City must know its true costs
  • The City shall only borrow what it can afford to repay
  • The City shall amortize capital costs
  • The City shall plan ahead
  • The City shall make and report its financial decisions publicly
  • The City shall conservatively invest in its idle cash
  • The budget shall remain flexible
    • New facilities or programs will only be considered if there is no new impact on the City’s general fund or if an existing service is reduced to cover the cost of the new facility or program.
  • The City shall collect what is due
  • The City shall be innovative and efficient
  • The City will reduce budgets when necessary
    • City staff will analyze its existing services and target proposed service reductions or eliminations if needed. Every effort will be made to sustain essential services to support the City’s core mission.

Public Works submits Senate Bill 1 project list for City Council review

Back in 2017, Governor Brown signed SB 1 which uses funds from increased fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees for basic road maintenance, rehabilitation and critical safety projects. The City’s allocation for 2019-20 is estimated to be $677,293.

The proposed project list includes repaving 2.2 miles of pavement and removing and replacing curb ramps to comply with ADA requirements. They include:

  • Lafayette Street from Grand Avenue to Fairview Drive
  • California Street from Grand Avenue to Chestnut Street
  • Pine Street from Mission Road to Chestnut Street
  • Palm Avenue from Valley Boulevard to Wells Street
  • Leslie Drive from Milton Drive to the alley
  • Adelyn Drive from North Doyle to Rosemond Boulevard
  • Duane Avenue from West Sycamore to Roses Road
  • Franklin Avenue from Las Tunas Drive to Sycamore Drive

If approved, construction is expected to be completed by November 2020.

City Council to review amendment to Playhouse budget to accept a LA County Arts Commission grant for new intern

Back in 2000, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established an arts internship program that provides undergraduate students with meaningful on-the-job training and experience. The Playhouse has participated in the program during the past three years.

For 2019, the Playhouse received an award for one summer intern with a grant of $5,200. The City will contribute $872 from its limited service employees account.

City Council to review contract extension with First Transit for Dial-A-Ride on a month-to-month basis

You may recall that Community Services is evaluating several options to address transit needs for the community, including the possibility of enlisting alternative modes of transit. At the moment, the City provides Dial-A-Ride services via First Transit for City residents aged 62 and over and to individuals with disabilities.

While this search continues, Community Services staff recommends extending its contract with First Transit on a month-to-month basis, allowing City staff to complete a request for proposals, research alternative modes of transit and identify the best transit providers in the community. 

In addition, the City Council will also review…