City Council to review request to use unallocated CDBG funds for recreation equipment

The following is a preview of the March 5 City Council meeting. You may read the complete agenda here.

City Council to review request to use unallocated CDBG funds for youth program equipment  

The City receives Community Development Block Grant funds to help fund programs that benefit low to moderate income areas of the community from the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission. During the past year, the City has had under $130,000 in unallocated CDBG funds. With the county’s encouragement to utilize the funds, Community Services is requesting an additional $2,500 to help purchase equipment for the All-City Pentathlon and the youth summer program. The program currently has a budget of $38,000, which helps cover the cost of staffing for the after school program at McKinley Elementary School.

City Council to review SGFD grant for mobile data equipment and computers

As a member of the Verdugo Fire Communications, the San Gabriel Fire Department is required to maintain radio and mobile data system equipment that meets Verdugo operating requirements. At the moment, the dispatch system used by Verdugo is undergoing a major upgrade after nearly 30 years in service. The new system requires Verdugo to replace the system in all field equipment from Presidio Networked Solutions Group, LLC. The company was chosen by a committee of Verdugo administrative staff along with technical experts from Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena.

In order to be compatible with the new system, the San Gabriel Fire Department is recommending that the City Council approve a $60,000 grant from the State Homeland Security Grand Program to cover 100% of the purchase price of the required equipment and installation.

City holds final public hearing on Tourism Marketing Improvement District

As part of the process to establish a Tourism Marketing Improvement District, the City is holding a final public hearing about a new district that would collect an assessment from specific hotels (with 100 rooms or more) to help market the City as a tourist, meeting and event destination.

If established, the marketing district would generate approximately $193,000. At the conclusion of the public hearing, the City Council may adopt, revise, change, reduce or modify the proposed assessment or the type of improvements and activities that would be funded by the levy.

City Council to review bank signatories on behalf of the City

The City maintains a number of accounts with several banking institutions in accordance with the City’s investment policy. As part of this process, the banks require that the City provide evidence that the account signatories are authorized representatives of the City. The current list includes the City Manager, the Finance Director and the City Treasurer. As a result of Finance Director Tom Marston’s retirement, the City needs to remove his name as an authorized signatory.

City staff recommends that Interim Finance Director Paula Chamberlain be added until a permanent Finance Director is hired.

City Council to review long-term temporary street closure on Padilla Street

Global Eagle Medical Center, who owns the project at 508 West Las Tunas Drive, is requesting a long-term temporary street closure for construction at Padilla Street at Santa Anita Street. The street has been temporarily closed since December 2016, and there have been no complaints from residents on Padilla Street. This closure request would occur on Padilla Street from Santa Anita Street to 250 feet west of Santa Anita Street from March 2019 to June 2021. Pedestrian access to Padilla Street west of Santa Anita will be provided at all times via the existing sidewalk on the south side of Padilla Street.

City staff from Public Works recommends that the City Council authorize a resolution that would temporarily close Padilla Street from Santa Anita Street to 250 feet west of Santa Anita Street from March 2019 to June 2021.