City Council to review City’s parking policies

The following is a preview of the February 5 City Council meeting. You may view the full agenda here. The City Council will meet at City Hall in Council Chambers at 6:30 p.m.

City Council to review the City’s parking policies

Over the past year, the City has received an increase in resident complaints about parking enforcement. Common complaints include:

  • Overnight parking
    • Residents and visitors often complain that they are not notified of the City’s overnight parking ordinance, which prohibits overnight parking without a valid permit
  • Red curb requests
    • Residents often contact the Public Works department with concerns that vehicles encroach into their driveway apron, creating a physical and visual hazard
  • Parking time limits
    • Residents have complained that the time limit on Padilla Street and Live Oak Street are an inconvenience to the residential neighborhood.
  • Parking on front lawns, urban camping and abandoned vehicles

As a result of these complaints, City staff is soliciting input from the City Council. Some short-term alternatives include:

  • Short-term changes
    • Remove the 2 hour parking restriction from residential areas
    • Add additional signage or change signage related to overnight parking
    • Revamp the overnight parking permits section on the City’s website
  • Direct staff to initiate the process for a request for proposal for a citywide parking analysis and plan
  • Conduct a pilot study for preferential parking on residential streets near Valley Boulevard
  • Make no changes to the City’s existing city parking regulations at this time.

There will be a fiscal impact with changes to the City’s existing parking policy, including the cost of changing signage, increasing parking enforcement or opening a request for proposals. A citywide parking analysis would be an unfunded project, which is currently part of the City’s CIP (capital improvement projects) annual budget.

City Council to review an agreement with AECOM to conduct an economic analysis and market study

If you’ve been following us, you might be aware that the City Council has expressed an interest in revitalizing the Mission District. As part of the agreement, AECOM will produce a study that evaluates the Mission District in an effort to create a thriving business district by providing the following services:

  • An analysis of current economic factors and market conditions
  • A look at future development and financial potential for the district
  • The highest and best use for individual parcels
  • Options for property acquisition, housing development, parking and economic incentives
  • Alternative financing options and strategies
  • Arts and entertainment district strategies, including programming options
  • Community meetings and presentations, with a draft study, a final study and a final presentation

Staff from Community Development is recommending that the City Council authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement with AECOM to conduct a study of the Mission District. The study shall not exceed $75,000.

City Council to hear second reading to reauthorize and readopt City’s public access channel

Previously, the City Council approved the reauthorization and adoption of the City’s public access channel with a unanimous vote. This specific ordinance would authorize state-franchised video service providers to pay the City a PEG (or public, education and governmental fee) of 1% of the video service provider’s gross revenue.

This fee would cover the costs associated with the City’s Cable Scroll channel.

City Council to hold public meeting on the San Gabriel Tourism and Marketing Improvement District

Previously, the City Council approved the creation of a new tourism and marketing district at the November 6 City Council meeting. Since then, the district has created a management plan that includes proposed boundaries of the San Gabriel Tourism and Marketing Improvement District, a service plan and budget alongside a proposed means of governance. The district would include all lodging businesses with 100 rooms or more.

The district would provide sales, marketing, communications and visitor service enhancement programs to increase tourism to the City with an annual budget $193,000 for its first year. 1% of gross short-term room rental revenues will be collected by the City on a quarterly basis.

City Council to hear memorandum of understanding for the 626 Golden Streets Mission to Mission event

In March 2018, Metro approved the third cycle of the Open Streets Grant Program, which funds open streets events designed to promote active transportation, including biking, scooters, skate boarders and pedestrians. ActiveSGV – a regional community group that promotes biking and walking – approached San Gabriel, Alhambra and South Pasadena with a proposal to host an open streets event. South Pasadena submitted an application to Metro on behalf of the three cities and was awarded a grant of $332,000 for an event that would traverse approximately five miles through three cities.

In addition to the grant, each City is responsible for an in-kind match; San Gabriel would be responsible for $9,495, which would be met by the cost of City staff to attend the planning meetings and the actual event, which is slated to take place on May 19, 2019.

The City Council is recommended to authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement for the City to participate in the 626 Golden Streets Mission to Mission event.