City Council approves funding for a comprehensive study from LA County Fire

The following is a wrap-up of the January 15 City Council meeting. You may listen to a recording from the meeting here, or view the agenda here.

City Council approves funding for a comprehensive study from LA County Fire

In a unanimous vote, the City Council approved the start of an $18,000 study from Los Angeles County Fire that would examine the total costs associated with contracting fire services to the county.

The study is not a binding agreement. Instead, the cost of the study reimburses the county for an analysis that looks at City facilities, equipment and vehicles to produce an accurate portrait of costs. Such a study generally takes three months to prepare and will be presented to the City Council for additional consideration.

City Council waives Playhouse rental for Asian Arts Talent Foundation

In a unanimous vote, the City Council approved a Playhouse fee waiver for the Asian Arts Talent Foundation. The free performance promotes Asian arts and culture through dance and will occur at the Playhouse on June 22.

Public Works to draft speed hump policy

After considering a report from Public Works detailing the advantages and disadvantages of speed humps, the City Council directed staff from Public Works to return with a speed hump policy for their consideration.

The idea of a policy was initially raised by the residents of Country Club Drive between Hermosa Drive and Roses Road who requested the installation of speed humps to slow down traffic and to discourage cut-through traffic between Del Mar Avenue and Las Tunas Drive. Once the policy is ready, the City Council will provide Public Works staff with specific direction.

City Council to increase Design Review Commission to five members with amendments

In May of last year, the City Council expressed an interest in increasing the size of the Design Review Commission from three members to five. With this ordinance, the City Council will have the ability to appoint additional members with a wider range of professional backgrounds that relate to the commission.

This wider range includes candidates that are “qualified design professionals, including but not limited to the fields of architecture, urban and regional planning, urban design, graphic design, engineering and the visual arts.”

City Council approves 2019-2020 CDBG program

In a 5-0 vote, the City Council approved the 2019-2020 CDBG program budget, which includes funding for code enforcement and youth recreational programs, several ramp and sidewalk improvements on Manley Drive, Newby Avenue and Jackson Avenue, and funding to modernize City Hall’s elevator.

The City is expected to receive approximately $305,323.00 in CDBG funds.

Finally, the City Council also approved the following items…

Finally, it should be noted that the Mission District AECOM agreement has been postponed for a future meeting.