Police Chief Harris to discuss the book, The Hate U Give, with Students at Gabrielino High School

On Monday, December 3, Chief Harris will be at Gabrielino High School to discuss Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give with students.  The book was chosen by GHS and the San Gabriel Community as the “One City One Book Read.” While preparing to choose the book, the San Gabriel library staff learned that other Districts that chose the book experienced some conflict with local police departments who were apprehensive about the idea of the students reading the book.  Chief Harris offered to speak with the students about the book and how policing and race are dealt with in San Gabriel and within contemporary law enforcement, in comparison/contrast to that depicted in the book.

A brief synopsis of the book.

The Hate You Give

A movie based on the best-selling novel entitled, The Hate U Give which tells the story of Starr Carter, who lives in two different social economic worlds: She resides in a poor, black neighborhood and attends a mostly white prep school. This uneasy balance is shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood friend by a policeman. Facing pressures from all sides, she finds her voice and stands up for what she believes is right.