Public Works requests Council approval to formally accept the San Gabriel Trench

The following is a preview of the November 20 City Council meeting. You may read the full agenda here.

Public Works requests Council approval to formally accept the San Gabriel Trench

As part of the agreement between the City, Union Pacific Railroad and the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority back in 2011, the City is required to accept the project within thirty days after the final list of trench-related projects have been completed. After working with ACE, staff from Public Works determined that the City can issue the final acceptance of the project with the exception of the sewer lift station.

Once the City accepts the final completion of the project, the City will be responsible for all maintenance, repair, replacement and improvements to the rail corridor support structures, and for the overhead grade-separated structures including the removal of vegetation, trash and graffiti.

This final acceptance will not include the sewer lift station, which – you may recall – suffered an incident earlier this year. There will be no direct cost associated with accepting the project, though ongoing maintenance and insurance costs will start kicking in. These are funded in the 2018-19 budget.

City staff are recommending that the City Council accept the San Gabriel Trench Project and to authorize the Public Works Director to prepare and sign a letter of final acceptance with the exception of the sewer lift station.

Community Services seeks Council approval for 2019 Lunar New Year Festival

As part of the fiscal year 2018-19 budget, the City Council allocated funding for community engagement events and programs. This year’s Lunar New Year Festival will take place on February 6, 2019 to celebrate the Year of the Pig from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Over 60 festival booths, food artisans, local merchants and food trucks are expected.

Expenses for the event are estimated to be $92,540, with $30,000 allocated from the community engagement fund.  The event is expected to bring in $99,100, with a net income of $6,560. All net income will be used to purchase items for future Lunar New Year events, and additional event costs are expected to be offset by revenue collected from food and vendor booth fees, carnival games and sales from the craft beer garden.

Staffing costs are expected to be $27,600, which is not covered by the event budget but borne by each department.

Staff from Community Services recommends that the City Council approve the agreement with the event producer, KCM Agency, and to authorize an expenditure of $30,000 from the City’s Community Engagement fund.

San Gabriel Police request $58,000 for electrical conversion fees for new police facility  

As part of construction for the new police facility, the San Gabriel Police Department identified that service lines from Southern California Edison and AT&T travel through the future construction site to serve the current police department facility. To save time and money, the City believes that that realigning the utilities now will save costs for the future facility. The architect in charge of the project has already communicated with Southern California Edison and AT&T to ensure the design fulfills their requirement.

To do this, staff from the SGPD are recommending that the City Council approve a service cost of $58,000 be funded through the existing 2018-19 special projects budget alongside the capital improvement project budget to fund soft costs related to utility conversion. The actual costs and contract to physically move the utilities will be put out to bid at a future date.

Public Works requests $56,991 to repair damaged storm drain near St. Albans Road at Roses Road

Back in May 2018, staff from Public Works noticed a sinkhole near St. Albans Road at Roses Road. After excavating the site, staff discovered that a failed storm drain was causing water erosion underneath the street pavement.

To repair the area, the City received two bids, with $51,810.00 being the lowest responsible bid from Vasilj, Inc. Funds will be allocated from the 2018-19 storm water management program. Public Works is recommending that the City Council approve plans and specifications for the replacement of the storm drain, and to allow the Mayor to execute the contract documents with Vasilj, Inc.