Fire Chief Derrick Doehler retires after 20 years

The following is a preview of the September 4 City Council meeting. You may read the full agenda here.

After more than 20 years with San Gabriel, Fire Chief Derrick Doehler has announced his retirement, which officially begins on August 31, 2018. To maintain the San Gabriel Fire Department’s current level of service, the City’s Human Resources department is proposing that a new post-retirement agreement be drafted with Chief Doehler that would keep him employed no later than February 28, 2019 while a search is underway for a new Fire Chief.

Under California laws that govern the public sector, a retiree may not be employed by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (or CalPERS) for more than 960 hours in a fiscal year, with a salary that does not exceed a regular employee in the same capacity. During this agreement, a search for a successor must be underway.

The City’s Human Resources department recommends that the City Council approve a resolution authorizing the employment agreement with Chief Derrick Doehler and the City of San Gabriel.

Public Works requests budget increase for 2017 CDBG street improvements

Back in March 2018, the City Council approved a contract for street improvements along Broadway, Live Oak Street and San Gabriel Boulevard. The project was completed in May, and the contractor also performed additional paving and ramp replacement on Live Oak Street from California Street to Pine Street to complete the gap between the two newly paved streets.

At the time, the project budget was approved at a cost of $586,300.00 including a 10% contingency. A change order has been prepared to cover the additional costs, which total to $29.543.76.

Staff from Public Works is recommending that the City Council approve the change order.

City Council to hear resolution supporting Piqui’s Resolution

Aimed at making child safety a priority in the California State Legislature, House Resolution 113 (known as Piqui’s Resolution) states that all court-related professionals should be trauma-informed and trained in recognizing, evaluating and understanding evidence and the impacts of domestic violence and child abuse.

In addition, when a child has witnessed domestic violence or reports being injured or abused, or when there is substantial evidence of child injury, family courts should ensure that the safety of the child has priority over all other considerations in any custody or visitation decision.

City staff recommends that the City Council approve Resolution No. 18-44 supporting House Resolution 113, and to direct staff to send a letter to the authors – as well as our local legislators – in support of the legislation.

San Gabriel Police to propose Inter-Con Security contract renewal  

Since 2005, the San Gabriel Police Department has maintained an agreement with Inter-Con Security Systems Incorporated to handle parking enforcement services for the City. The last contract with Inter-Con expired on June 30 and was not immediately renewed due to increased costs considered too burdensome by City staff. These costs were initiated when Inter-Con underwent new management.

Negotiations continued and a proposed contract was formed with two changes: increased employee and operational costs that would result in a higher fee, and changes to how the City and Inter-Con would handle liquidated damages.

Liquidated damages ensure that Inter-Con meets the contract’s expectations and obligations, providing relief for the City should Inter-Con does not meet several expectations outlined in the contract. Previously, the contract initiated a $15.00 error fee. This new contract notes a $20.00 fee for any erroneous citation.

Staff from the San Gabriel Police Department are recommending that the City Council waive compliance with the City’s formal purchasing policy and to authorize the City Manager to waive $20,260.00 in liquidated damages and to enter into an agreement for an annual amount that does not exceed $239,339.68 for the 2018/2019 fiscal year. Staff is also recommending that the City Council direct the Finance Director to increase the SGPD’s contractual services budget by $104,340.00.