Purchase your subscription for Silent Sundays at the Playhouse

Silent Sundays are back at the Mission Playhouse with an expanded five film lineup that includes a little of everything: comedy, romance, drama, horror, thriller and action.

The series kicks off Sunday afternoon, September 9 at 2:30 p.m. with 1923’s “Our Hospitality” directed by and starring the brilliant Buster Keaton. Set in the south in 1831, two rival families have been at odds for decades: the McKays and the Canfields. Keaton plays William McKay who is traveling to his childhood home to claim an inheritance. On his train ride home, he meets a girl he becomes smitten with, Virginia, who invites him to dinner at her family’s residence. What he soon finds out though is that Virginia is a Canfield and her father and brothers want his head. His effort to delay the Canfield men’s plot leads to big laughs, thrilling stunts, and edge of your seat suspense.

Filmed near Lake Tahoe and featuring beautiful cinematography, “Our Hospitality” involved several members of the Keaton clan. His father Joe Keaton portrayed the train engineer, his on screen leading lady Virginia was his real life love, Natalie, and the baby in the film was played by his son, Buster Keaton Jr. Variety called the film a “comedy masterpiece,” writing, “The picture is splendidly cast, flawlessly directed, and intelligently photographed.”

Accompanying the film on the Playhouse’s 1924 mighty Wurlitzer organ is American Theatre Organ Society’s 2012 Organist of the Year: Mark Herman. The series continues with 1925’s “The Phantom of the Opera” starring Lon Chaney on October 28, 1926’s “Ella Cinders” on January 27, 1929’s “Blackmail” on April 14, and 1926’s “The Black Pirate” on June 2.

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