Public Works seeks approval for street design and support agreement

The following is a preview of the July 17 City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers. You may view the full agenda here.

Providing support for three fast-tracked street improvement projects, Public Works is requesting an agreement with RKA Consulting Group to provide engineering support for the following street projects:

Pavement rehabilitation:

  • Adelyn Drive from Mission Drive to just west of Bradbury Drive

  • Mount Vernon Drive, which includes the entire loop to and from Alhambra Road

  • Cresta Avenue from Las Tunas Drive to Hermosa Drive

  • Pine Street from Las Tunas Drive to the north end

  • Live Oak Street from Pine Street to San Gabriel Boulevard

The second project includes engineering design, construction management and post-construction services for phase five of the 2018-19 CDBG program:

  • Saxon Avenue from I-10 Del Mar offramp to the I-10 San Gabriel Boulevard onramp
  • Loftus Avenue from Del Mar Avenue to the Alhambra Wash
  • Strathmore Avenue from Saxon Avenue to Marshall Street
  • Denton Avenue from I-10 to Marshall Street
  • Lafayette Street from Saxon Avenue to Marshall Street
  • Glendon Way from Lafayette Street to California Street

Finally, the agreement includes the design of the 2018-19 Minor Street Resurfacing Project, which includes resurfacing and repaving work:

  • Broadway from just east of the Rubio Wash to Charlotte Avenue, full width and from Charlotte Avenue to Walnut Grove Avenue, south side only
  • Del Loma Avenue from Broadway to the south end of the street
  • Delta Street from Broadway south approximately 180 feet to City limits
  • Angelus Avenue from Broadway north approximately 175 feet to City limits
  • Charlotte Avenue from Broadway north approximately 275 feet to City limits and from Broadway south approximately 180 feet to City limits

RKA is a pre-qualified consultant for the City that has the expertise and experience needed to carry the scope of work for these projects. The company has also served as the construction manager for the first four phases of the CDBG Street Improvement Project, with extensive knowledge about the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s requirements for CDBG projects.

This project management support is needed to augment City staff to ensure quality assurance and cost control. These projects are being fast-tracked in order to utilize remaining funding from the I-Bank loan.

The City Council is requested to approve $34,100 alongside a contingency fee of 10% for the agreement with RKA. In addition, Public Works is also requesting $83,957.50 to fund the CDBG and minor street resurfacing projects for a total amount of $118,057.50. It’s important to note that CDBG funds will not be used to fund project services.

Community Development seeks approval for tourism and marketing improvement district

To generate a new, stable source of funding for marketing and promotion, the City’s Economic Development division is recommending the formation of a tourism and marketing improvement district.

The improvement district would organize businesses to bring more customers to their destination using funds that are collected from hotel occupants. The district would levy hotels as either a percentage or a flat fee on hotel guest room sales to establish a revenue stream dedicated to promotion. Like the transient occupancy tax, this fee would not affect local residents.

A consistent revenue stream is currently estimated at $200,000 within the first year, which assumes a 65% occupancy for the City’s two major hotels at $160 per night with a 1% assessment. To help build this district, the City solicited bids and received two requests from New City America, Inc. and Civitas Advisors. After careful review, City staff is recommending that the City Council select Civitas to help aid in the creation of a district.

The cost associated with the creation of the district will be $44,500, with 75% funded by Economic Development. In addition, Economic Development requests approximately $25,000 in anticipated cost savings from 2017-2018 to be carried over to the next fiscal year. Salary savings from 2018-2019 are also expected to cover $8,000 of the $33,000 cost. Economic Development staff is recommending that the City Council execute an agreement with Civitas Advisors to recreate a tourism and marketing improvement district for the cost of $44,500 with a 25% hold back. The City Council may also appoint a Council project liaison.

Public Works seeks approval to enter design phase for the Rio Hondo Load Reduction Strategy

Back in 2012, the Waste Discharge Requirements for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Discharges (otherwise known as the MS4 Permit) was created. This permit outlines the requirements associated with the Los Angeles River Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), which requires permittees (such as San Gabriel) to protect recreational uses in the Los Angeles River watershed by meeting targets for the amount of discharge waste permitted in the river.

In 2016, San Gabriel joined a group of neighboring cities to reduce the load to the Rio Hondo River and its tributaries. This group then identified improvements needed to meet the TMDL requirements. To reduce costs, cities are utilizing the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) to solicit proposals, negotiate and enter into agreements with consultants. With the total design work expected to cost $1.7 million among the SGVCOG, San Gabriel is expected to contribute $16,800.00 to the overall fund. Once the design phase is complete, construction will begin.

The City Council is recommended to approve the agreement with the SGVCOG and to authorize the City Manager to sign the agreement.

Fire seeks approval to add Deputy Fire Marshal job classification

After the passage of the April 3 agreement with the San Gabriel Firefighters’ Association, the Deputy Fire Marshal assignment was eliminated to create a standalone non-sworn Deputy Fire Marshal classification. City staff seeks approval from the City Council to amend the current salary schedule to add the Deputy Fire Marshal classification.

The Deputy Fire Marshal would be responsible for performing a variety of fire prevention, disaster preparedness and inspection work, with the ability to administer fire prevention programs to the public and review construction plans to ensure compliance with fire and safety regulations.

Funding for this position will come from the elimination of a vacant but budgeted Fire Captain position, resulting in an annual general fund savings of $12,600. The City Council is recommended to approve the new classification.

Asian American Economic Development Enterprises seeks Council approval for banner

The City received a banner request from the Asian American Economic Development Enterprises (AAEDE) to advertise a free career/job fair on August 16 at Las Tunas Drive and Mission Drive. This is the first banner request made by AAEDE and complies with the City’s municipal code allowing street banners advertising conventions, public or civic events not commercial in nature after approval by the City Council.

City staff is recommending that the City Council approve the request because the banner supports the City’s mission of stimulating economic development in the community.