Photos: San Gabriel Trench wraps up finishing touches

With the bulk of the San Gabriel Trench complete, construction crews are now wrapping up several finishing touches before handing the project off to the City. As crews wrap up their work, we were given a special tour by ACE to check up on one of San Gabriel’s biggest projects to date:

Before we take a look at the trench itself, we had to descend down these temporary stairs


While the trench walls are mostly complete, construction crews are still polishing one final segment of trench wall


Any imperfections will be filled in with cement and layered with paint


Here’s a look at a segment of trench wall that has been completed


A comparison between an unpolished (left) and polished (right) segment of the San Gabriel Trench near Mission Drive



Construction crews will also be finishing up a pedestrian walkway along Mission Road

While the bulk of the work at the trench has been completed, ACE is still working on several minor projects across the community. You can follow the ACE project on their website, here, for all the latest developments.