Photos: LA County Public Works removes steel girder at Alhambra Wash Bridge

Last week, construction crews from Los Angeles County Department of Public Works began removing several steel girders from the Alhambra Wash Bridge. While crews have already removed a portion of the bridge deck a month ago, the removal of several steel girders from the west half of the bridge signifies a significant step forward in construction.

As part of the process, construction crews are also cutting a portion of the concrete wall adjoined to the steel girder. Once the west half is completely deconstructed, LA County Public Works will begin reconstructing a portion of the new replacement bridge.

Located south of Valley Boulevard above the Alhambra Wash, the new $8.9 million bridge will replace an existing 83-year old structure that is now classified as structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. The final project is expected to be completed in 2020 using funds from the Federal Highway Bridge Program, with additional funding provided by the City of San Gabriel.

We’ve included photos of the removal process below, alongside a quick video:

A look at one of the steel girders within the old bridge

Construction crews begin the process of welding off the old steel girder

A concrete cutter is also being used to remove a portion of the wall that supports the girder

A segment of a 83-year old steel girder being hoisted away from the Alhambra Wash

A close-up of the steel girder