San Gabriel Police to propose new Marshall Park substation

The following is an agenda preview of the June 19 City Council meeting. As always, you may view the full agenda here.

To better serve the south side of community, the San Gabriel Police Department is proposing to use one of the buildings at Marshall Park as a sub-station. The station would house the department’s Traffic Bureau with full traffic service, workstations for patrol officers, investigators or assigned personnel to utilize throughout the day.

Aside from the obvious benefits of having increased police presence in the southern part of the City, the substation will also enhance response times and increase community engagement.

The San Gabriel Police Department is recommending that the City Council approve the motion. If approved, the department will lightly refurbish the building, adding signage, security cameras, an emergency service call box and security motion lighting to the area.

City’s Finance department requests Council approval of the next annual budget

As the City moves to the next budget season, the Finance department will be submitting the 2018-19 annual budget to the City Council for review and adoption. The preliminary budget will maintain a reserve of approximately $3.3 million alongside an overall spending plan of approximately $56.4 million. While the bulk of the budget maintains a status quo, the City will be adding a full-time position to Community Development’s Economic Development division.

In addition, the City will be spending $6.4 million on its capital improvement program, with $4.2 million devoted to street improvements, $1.3 million in sewer improvements, $183,000 in stormdrain improvements and over $600,000 in public facility and equipment improvements. You can read more about the proposed budget in the Budget Central section of our website.

Public Works seeks approval to appoint Interim Public Works Director/City Engineer

Following the resignation of former Public Works Director/City Engineer Daren Grilley, Public Works staff is recommending the appointment of Tim D’Zmura until a permanent replacement is hired. D’Zmura has more than 25 years of experience in the public words field, serving as the Public Works director for Wildomar, Pomona, Los Alamitos, Yucca Valley and Palos Verdes Estates.

If approved, D’Zmura will be compensated at an hourly rate of $150.00, with 20-25 hours of work per week. City staff anticipate that the total cost will be $60,000, which will come from salary savings garnered from the Public Works Director/City Engineer position.

Public Works seeks amendment to agreement with Civiltec Engineering for San Gabriel Boulevard sewer rehabilitation

In 2017, the City entered into an agreement with Civiltec Engineering to provide engineering work for the sewer underneath San Gabriel Boulevard. As a bit of background, the City’s 2009 Sewer Master Plan identified $30 million in needed capacity upgrades and structural repairs. As part of the study, the plan identified the need to increase the flow capacity of the sewer line underneath San Gabriel Boulevard between Angeleno Avenue and the San Bernardino Freeway.

As part of the work, an amendment is requested to address the scope of the project and provide all plans, specifications and documents for construction. In addition, the amended agreement would provide an engineer’s estimate for project construction costs and engineering support during the bidding process and construction phase.

The estimated cost for the additional services will not exceed $137,929.00 for a total agreement cost of $189,601.30. Public Works is recommending that the City Council approve the amendment with Civiltec Engineering.

Public Works requests approval for 2018-19 SB 1 project list

To comply with Senate Bill 1, the City must provide a proposed list of projects to the California Transportation Committee for the next fiscal year. Public Works staff is recommending that the City Council adopt the fiscal year 2017-18 project list as the fiscal year 2018-2019 project list, adding funding to complete the proposed list of projects. Construction is anticipated to begin in late summer 2018 with an engineering estimate of $1.6 million.

Proposed locations include:

  • San Marino Avenue from Longden Avenue to Las Tunas Drive
  • Warner Lane from San Marino Avenue to the west terminus
  • Oak Lane from San Marino Avenue to the west terminus
  • Broadway from Mission Drive to Junipero Serra Drive
  • Alanmay Avenue from Broadway to Live Oak Avenue
  • Cresta Avenue from Las Tunas Drive to Hermosa Drive
  • Earle Street from Las Tunas Drive to Elm Avenue
  • Mission Drive from Las Tunas Drive to Sycamore Drive

The proposed bid opening will be in July with an estimated completion of November 2018. The total scope of work includes resurfacing 1.5 miles of pavement.

Grant from the San Marino Rotary Club for Jornada 2018

In 2016, the Playhouse – in collaboration with Clarita Corona – created and presented the first production of “Jonada, The Flourishing of Flamenco.” The show presents dancers and musicians from four different cultural forms.

At the moment, costs for the production are covered by a combination of community engagement funds, ticket sales and grants. The Playhouse staff is asking that the City Council accept a $500 grant from the San Marino Rotary Club to help defer the costs incurred by the production.

Public Works seeks approval for stormwater monitoring and management agreement

To comply with California’s municipal stormwater discharge program, the City is engaging in a cooperative agreement with 18 other permittees that allows cities and the county to combine resources to help satisfy the new regional water standards that affect the Upper Los Angeles River. To help monitor this program, the cooperative is developing a monitoring program that determines the level of contamination of discharge entering into the watershed.

The agreement will:

  • Allow the group to report waste discharge
  • Allow the group to evaluate the total maximum daily load of bacteria into the Los Angeles River
  • Monitor trash that enters into the Los Angeles River and its tributaries
  • Evaluate scientific studies from other similar regions that deal with stormwater quality

The total cost of this agreement for all the agencies is $6,758,892, which includes a 10% contingency. San Gabriel’s total share of these efforts is $45,837.00 over a five-year period.

Public Works requests new traffic study

According to the California Vehicle Code, when the City uses a radar or any other device that measures speed for the purposes of ticketing, the posted speed limit must be justified by a speed survey every five years, which may be extended to seven years on a case-by-case basis.

The last speed survey was conducted in 2010, so the City’s speed survey needs to be updated and recertified. To conduct the study, Public Works staff recommends that the City use JMDiaz, Inc. as a pre-qualified consultant for a total cost of $22,680.94. You can read the total scope of the program on page II-2 of the staff report.

Finally, the following items will be heard at the next meeting: