Statement regarding Councilmember Chin Ho Liao

The City of San Gabriel has recently received inquiries from the public suggesting Councilmember Chin Ho Liao was under investigation by the City for sexual harassment. Members of the public have also suggested the City has lost its insurance coverage regarding this topic, or is in danger of doing so. The City Council has directed City staff to release the following clarification:

Approximately two years ago, City management received reports from some staff members about insensitive comments made by Councilmember Liao. While inappropriate, these comments were not of a sexual nature. Staff at the time, reviewed the reports internally and determined there was no need for an outside investigation and, instead, reprimanded Councilmember Liao for this conduct. City staff did not consult the City Council regarding this matter, and the City has received no additional reports and it considers this matter to be resolved.

There is no change in the City’s insurance status as a result of these reports, and the City’s premiums were not increased as a result of this matter.

The City remains committed to creating a work place where all staff members are valued and works diligently to eliminate any form of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation. The City maintains a strict policy prohibiting such conduct and encourages its employees to come forward with any such claims without fear of reprisal. City employees and officials are expected to exercise good judgment and maintain professional standards and boundaries when interacting with each other and members of the community, and the City pledges to remain diligent to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all.