City seeks amendment for accessory dwelling units to comply with state law

In preparation for the June 5 City Council meeting, here’s a preview of what will be heard. As always, you may view the full agenda here.

Community Development seeks amendment for accessory dwelling units to comply with state law

In 2016 and 2017, Governor Brown signed several bills designed to alleviate California’s housing crisis by expediting the construction of accessory dwelling units (or ADUs). If you’re not familiar with the term, an ADU is a separate structure with a kitchen and bathroom that acts as an accessory to a main home. These units may sometimes be used for rentals, thus alleviating the burden of housing in the state.

As a result of these new regulations, any local ordinance that addresses ADUs will become invalid if it does not comply with state law. Some of the proposed changes to the City’s municipal code are listed below:

  • An ADU is allowed in single-family and multi-family residential zoned properties with only one single family residence
  • Only one ADU shall be allowed on any one permissible single lot
  • Either the ADU or the primary unit must be owner occupied
  • The ADU may not be sold separately, but may be rented with a minimum rental period of 30 days

The proposed amendment also includes text that sets development standards for ADUs in residential zones, which you may read in full here.

Community Development staff is recommending that the City Council approve the amendment to comply with California law.

Police seeks City Council approval to purchase replacement vehicles

Six San Gabriel Police Department vehicles are now slated for replacement, which include three patrol 2015 Ford Explorers, two unmarked 2007 Ford Crown Victorias and one unmarked 2008 Dodge Charger. Two of the 2015 Ford Explorers will be replaced by two new Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, and all three unmarked vehicles will be replaced by three new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor sedans.

These replacements come at a time when the City’s auto shop has determined that the older vehicles have met their lifespan. With the purchase of six vehicles, two of the 2015 units will be converted as spares, while the three unmarked vehicles will be sold at an auction.

The San Gabriel Police Department recommends that the City Council authorize the Police Chief to purchase six police vehicles at a cost of $138,828.41.

Public Works seeks delegation authority to execute agreements with Caltrans

To help support capital improvements, the City currently employs funding from federal and state agencies. Some of these funds come from the federal government as a result of the Transportation Act of the 21st Century. Caltrans administers these funds on behalf of the federal government, and requests that the City adopt a blanket resolution that delegates authority to the Mayor, City Manager, City Engineer or Director of Public Works to execute supplement agreements with Caltrans for federal or state funding programs. This would help expedite the approval process and allow for the more timely reimbursements to the City.

Public Works staff recommends that the City Council pass the resolution.

City seeks Council approval for employee settlement

Last year, a former dispatcher with the San Gabriel Police Department filed a complaint against the City with the Public Employee Relations Board, claiming that the City had failed to complete its investigation within one year of an incident that occurred in 2015. The employee was eventually terminated in 2017.

An informal settlement conference took place, a negotiated settlement was agreed upon for the amount of $115,000.00. City staff recommends that the City Council approve the separation agreement to resolve the complaint brought forth by the former employee, and to prevent any further litigation.

City appoints commission members

After holding a commissioner recruitment, the City has made 15 new appointments to several commissions, including the Civil Service Commission, the Community Services Commission, the Design Review Commission, the Historical Preservation and Cultural Resource Commission and the Planning Commission. The new commissioners will serve a two-year term beginning June 2018 and ending at the end of May 2020.

City staff recommends that the City Council approve the final list of appointed commissioners, which you may read here.

City requests amendment to City Attorney contract

Since the City hired the firm Olivarez, Madruga, Lemieux and O’Neill (OMLO) to fulfill the role of City Attorney, legal work for has proven to be more demanding than what was originally anticipated. After a receiving a favorable six month review, OMLO is requesting that the base retainer be increased from $13,650 to $18,000 per month. The agreement would also add services for the City, including provisions for the Mission Playhouse, exceptional Public Records Act and other special matters. In addition, the agreement would also authorize the City Manager to approve payment for special one-time legal work for certain cases.

Finally, the new agreement adds an annual 3% cost of living increase. Funding for this agreement would come from the City’s reserves, which are estimated to be $355,000 at June 30. The revised agreement would also include the additional costs in the 2018-19 preliminary budget, which will be presented to the City Council for adoption on June 19.

City staff recommends that the City Council approve the amended contract with OMLO for the expanded retainer.

City seeks Council approval to dissolve successor agency to the San Gabriel Redevelopment Agency

In 2012, the City was designated as the successor agency to the former San Gabriel Redevelopment Agency as a result of California Assembly Bill x 1 26, which dissolved all redevelopment agencies in California. As a result, the City’s oversight board was responsible for winding down the San Gabriel Redevelopment Agency, ensuring that all obligations have been paid, litigation resolved and any real property disposed of.

With the successor agency completing these tasks, City staff is recommending that the City Council approve a resolution that dissolves the successor agency.

City staff recommend amendment to allow charity games

In response to several community inquiries, City staff has determined that charity events involving games (such as poker nights, carnival games and bingo) may be unnecessarily restricted by the City’s municipal code. At the moment, the City’s municipal code currently prohibits casino nights or poker nights.

If the City Council wishes to amend the code to allow non-profit organizations to conduct game nights, then City staff recommends that a code amendment that would clarify, elaborate and consolidate the City’s regulation of game nights to ensure they comply with state law. At the moment, the municipal code provides an exemption for charitable activities for certain games, but the exemption does not appear to apply to card games or wheel of fortune games.

In addition, City staff is also asking the City Council to review the City’s temporary event permit process. At the moment, the police department and the fire department are both charged with overseeing these permits to ensure the security and safety of the community. City staff is requesting whether or not the City should delegate this task to Community Development, which appeals to the Planning Commission and the City Council.