Commission to hear final draft of the Parks and Open Space Master Plan

In October 2016, the City contracted with GreenPlay, LLC to develop San Gabriel’s first comprehensive Parks and Open Space Master Plan known as Dream Your Park. The final plan will be reviewed by the Community Services Commission at their meeting on June 4, with a public meeting held at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. We invite you to attend to review our final plan, which you may download in full here.

If you haven’t been following our Parks and Open Space Master Plan process, here’s a brief overview of what we’ve done so far:

The Master Plan Process

As part of the process, a team of staff from Community Services, Public Works and Community Development, along with Community Services Commissioner Senya Lubisich, formed the Master Plan Committee and worked closely with GreenPlay on the development of the draft plan.

A key component of the master plan process was to gather input from residents and stakeholders on San Gabriel’s parks and recreation facilities, services and programs. Over several months, the team gathered public input through the following methods:

  • Intercept surveys gathered at community-wide special events and park pop-up events;
  • Focus group meetings and a public forum held with residents, stakeholders and staff;
  • A public presentation to the Community Services Commission;
  • Surveys mailed to a random sample of San Gabriel residents providing statistically-valid results; and
  • Open link surveys online for those who did not receive a mailed sample.

Another important component of the plan looked at the profile of the community, including population growth, demographic changes and trends. This, along with the information gathered through the surveys, helped to identify the needs of the community and guide the efforts to improve the delivery of parks and recreation programs and services.

Also key to the development of the draft plan was the inventory of existing parks and facilities, the completion of the level of service analysis, and the identification of possible opportunity sites. Together with the public input and the community profile information, the consultant team also completed a financial analysis and identified possible funding sources to help meet the existing needs and future opportunities.

From all of the information gathered, the draft plan identifies and further details the following four goals as part of an action plan:

  • Goal 1: Improve facilities and amenities
  • Goal 2: Continue to improve organizational efficiencies
  • Goal 3: Continue to improve programs and service delivery
  • Goal 4: Increase financial opportunities

Finally, the recommended action is further defined in the following list of the top 10 priority projects:

  • Explore opportunities to acquire existing open space identified in the Master Plan
  • Expand the joint use agreements
  • Develop trails and bikeways along the washes and rail corridor to provide connectivity
  • Develop a plan to address deficiencies at existing facilities including Smith Park Pool and park restrooms
  • Conduct a needs assessment to determine the need for a new community center
  • Develop a dog park at an existing park or as part of another identified opportunity site
  • Explore ways to increase opportunities for seniors and teens
  • Develop a marketing plan to promote department programs, services and parks
  • Seek alternative funding sources including donations, grants and sponsorships
  • Pursue long-term funding strategies including expanded impact fees and possible bond referendum

Review of the Plan

The Community Services and Planning Commissions reviewed the draft plan in a joint meeting held in February 2018.  The team incorporated their revisions and suggestions and presented a revised draft to the City Council in a study session held in April 2018. Incorporating comments from both the Joint Commission Meeting and the Council Study Session, the GreenPlay team drafted the final plan. The Community Services Commission will review the final plan at a public meeting on Monday, June 4.

Staff will recommend that the Commission reviews the final plan and recommends City Council approval at a future Council meeting.