City Council to reevaluate Mission District in new study

To help draw more economic activity to the City’s historic core, the City Council has agreed to move forward with an economic analysis and feasibility study to reevaluate the Mission District.

Long-time residents know that the City has attempted to stimulate the Mission District by adopting the Mission District Specific Plan in 2004. A revitalization tool, the plan identifies several potential sites for development, sets design standards, consolidates previous planning efforts and encourages the preservation of cultural landmarks and architectural treasures within the Mission District.

If you’re not familiar with the plan, here’s a look at the district map. The Mission District Core is outlined in blue, with the specific plan boundary outlined in black.

Specific areas of potential development include:

  • The Mission District Park and Ride Lot and the Mission 261 Restaurant site
  • The Mission Playhouse parking lot located at 320 South Mission Drive
  • The Factory Tea Bar site located at 323 South Mission Drive

The City also owns several properties that could be the site of future development:

  • City Hall at 425 South Mission District
  • Economic Development and Neighborhood Improvement Services offices located at 410 McGroarty Street
  • A storage facility at 416 McGroarty Street
  • The space at 630 West Santa Anita and 408 McGroarty Street
  • The restaurant at 343 South Mission Drive
  • The Community Services building, the Adult Recreation Center and the Grapevine Arbor located at 250 and 324 South Mission Drive
  • Mission Playhouse parking lot
  • Mission Park and Ride lot

Since the adoption of the Mission District Specific Plan, these sites have not been fully developed despite several aesthetic and infrastructure improvements. With the City Council’s decision to move forward with the study, a report will be created that studies development scenarios of the sites outlined above. Ultimately, the City hopes to spur economic development and private investment in the Mission District in an effort to create a lively town center.

A request for proposal will be issued at a cost of $60,000 to $75,000, and we’ll be sure to detail that RFP once it becomes available.