Construction crews deconstruct portion of Alhambra Wash Bridge

We’ve got some exciting progress to show you from the Alhambra Wash Bridge Replacement Project. Since our last post, construction crews have already deconstructed a portion of the bridge, removing the bridge deck and revealing the structural beams. Crews have also begun deconstructing the roadway leading to the bridge so that the steel beams may be removed and utility lines may be relocated.

As part of the project, LA County Public Works will also deconstruct an encroachment on the City’s right-of-way from the adjacent shopping center, widening the sidewalk to the bridge. If you look at the photos below, you can see the concrete intrusion impeding into the sidewalk next to the jewelry store. The orange spray-painted line shows what will eventually be carved out.

Now here’s the interesting bit: as crews work over the Alhambra Wash, the team has constructed a makeshift channel composed of concrete building blocks. While this is a dry season, the concrete blocks will allow water to pass through should water enter into the wash. From this point on, LA County Public Works will focus on deconstructing half of the existing structure so that they may construct a portion of the new bridge. Once that concludes, they’ll work on the other side so that traffic may flow through uninterrupted, repeating the same steps outlined above.

Two lanes on the Alhambra Wash Bridge have already been removed

A look at the deconstructed roadway and sidewalk leading to the bridge

A look at the makeshift channel that will allow water to pass through during construction

These blocks are used to construct the temporary channel