San Gabriel Fire requests feasibility study from Los Angeles County Fire

With the next City Council meeting quickly approaching, here’s what will be heard at the May 15 meeting. Please keep in mind that this meeting – along with meetings held from this point forward – will be scheduled at 6:30 p.m. As always, if you’d like to read the full agenda, you may do so here.

San Gabriel Fire Department requests feasibility study from Los Angeles County Fire

After the dissolution of the tri-city fire agreement with San Marino and South Pasadena, a study was commissioned to evaluate the San Gabriel Fire Department and the services it provides to the community compared to neighboring cities. As part of the presentation, the option of contracting with Los Angeles County was explored as a way to improve fire services to the City.

To carry out the study’s proposals, staff is recommending that a feasibility study be conducted to explore the possibility of contracting fire service to Los Angeles County Fire.

Public Works requests agreement with LA County Public Works for bridge maintenance

To help extend the service life of bridges across the country, the Highway Bridge/Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program (BPMP) provides federal funding to help extend the service life of bridges to prevent costlier rehabilitation in the future. Under an agreement with Caltrans, LA County Public Works currently inspects all but one of the City’s 17 bridges. These inspections are conducted every two years according to National Bridge Inspection Standards.

At the moment, the following bridges require inspections:

  • Las Tunas Drive over the Rubio Wash
  • Broadway over the Rubio Wash
  • Ramona Street over the Alhambra Wash
  • Mission Road over the Alhambra Wash

The scope of work includes patching damaged concrete and asphalt and sealing bridge deck surfaces, with work eligible for partial funding under the federal BPMP. Since LA County Public Works can apply these projects under a larger countywide repair project, they’ll be able to apply cost efficiencies that the City may otherwise not be able to offer.

Under this proposed agreement, LA Public Works would perform preliminary engineering and administer the construction contract, with an estimated cost of $196,000. BPMP is estimated to cover $157,000, with the City’s final out-of-pocket cost is estimated to be $39,000.

The City Council is recommended to approve the contract with LA County Public Works to conduct preventative maintenance on four City bridges.

Public Works requests right of way at 237 East Las Tunas Drive

As part of the construction of a new medical office building at 237 East Las Tunas Drive, the City requested an easement for street and highway purposes at the northwest corner of Las Tunas Drive and Country Club Drive from GAD Development. This dedication is required to provide an accessible landing at the top of the intersection access ramp and to provide a pathway of travel to the existing sidewalks along Las Tunas Drive and Country Club Drive.

The improvements will be constructed by the developer. Public Works is recommending that the City Council approve a new resolution granting the easement so that work may begin.

Community Development seeks City Council direction on the development of the Mission District

Several years ago, the City adopted the Mission District Specific Plan that identified key opportunities within the Mission District. Since then, the sites remain underutilized despite several aesthetic and infrastructure improvements to the district.

Last year, the City provided three options to the City Council to help develop the Mission District:

  • Release an RFP for an economic analysis and feasibility study to include development and land use scenarios
    • This would cost the City $60,000-$75,000
  • Release an RFP for the Mission Playhouse parking lot development that was drafted in 2016
    • If this option is selected, City staff can begin to market the site beginning with the ICSC convention later this month
  • Continue to encourage development of privately held sites and continue to look for ways to improve the area
    • Some economic experts believe that a recession is looming. If the City Council agrees, this may be the best option to wait out a possible recession

As an alternative, the City Council may also direct staff to implement programming options for the Mission District. These range from low-cost items to high-cost, long-range planning and implementation efforts that include a weekly family festival and farmers’ market or establishing a property-based business improvement district.

Whatever programming does take place needs to be mindful of the current condition of the Mission Playhouse parking lot, which requires complete reconstruction in order to be fully functional. This could cost up to $1.2 million.

Community Development staff recommends that the City Council provide direction on which development option to pursue.

Public Works seeks update to pavement management system

To receive funding from Proposition C/Metro, the City needs to maintain a pavement management system with regular updates every three years. The City currently utilizes a pavement management system from Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), which received its last update in September 2015.

As a bit of background, a RFP was sent out to four firms with MTC’s pavement management systems. Two proposals were received, and after a review, Nichols Consulting Engineers (NCE) was selected as the most qualified vendor for this project. NCE is just one of six firms statewide that has completed a prequalification process with MTC that sets minimum standards for pavement inspection practice and data quality management.

Based on this, Public Works is proposing to utilize NCE to perform an update to the City’s pavement management system using funds from Proposition C that total $29,200.

SGFD seeks City Council approval to award construction contract for San Gabriel Fire Station 51, 52 restroom improvement project

To accommodate a mixed gender workforce, the San Gabriel Fire Department is recommending RT Contractor, Corp. to construct a new private bunk room and shower facility at Station 51 alongside a private bunk room and unisex/ADA bathroom at Fire Station 52.

After receiving two bids, the department determined that RT Contractor Corp. was the lowest responsible bidder with a $180,000.00 bid. City staff is recommending that the City Council award the $180,000.00 contract with RT Contractor Corp. with a 10% construction contingency.

SGFD seeks approval to accept 2015 State Homeland Security grant

With funds provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the San Gabriel Fire Department is requesting $35,000 dedicated to equipment and the urban search and rescue team. The funds would be used to purchase equipment related to rope rescue, confined space rescue, search operations and breaking and breaching collapsed structures.

Staff from the San Gabriel Fire Department is recommending that the City Council increase the department’s budget by $35,000. These funds will be fully reimbursed by State Homeland Security Grant.