The results are in: San Gabriel Parks and Open Space Master Plan

Over the last several months, the City’s Community Services department, along with consultant GreenPlay, LLC, have been developing a master plan to provide a citywide vision for parks, open space and facilities based off community feedback. While not legislatively binding, this master plan is merely a planning document that can serve as a source of discussion for the entire community. The City Council will hear a presentation about the master plan on April 3 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, and you may view the master plan document here.

Here are some major takeaways based off community feedback:

Community Services manages two community centers and provides park planning for three outdoor parks, one pocket park, and two open space park areas. The department also provides recreation amenities and events for residents and visitors of the City.

When it comes to the Community Services department…

  • Strengths:
    • Vincent Lugo Park, Smith Park Pool, the Smith Park Native American murals
    • The quality and diversity of recreation programs
    • Community Services staff, which were viewed as easily accessible and responsive
  • Weaknesses:
    • A general lack of open space and lack of nature/natural landscape, including walking trails
    • Facility conditions, which could benefit from updates or renovations
      • Specific recommendations included park development along the washes, more parking, additional walking paths, trails and general pedestrian connectivity, maintenance and safety and a lack of fitness areas
      • The Community Services building, which doesn’t act as a true community center
    • Outreach about recreation offerings

Underserved areas noted in the survey included…

  • North San Gabriel (north of Las Tunas), which is underserved by parks
  • Northeast San Gabriel, which has limited parks or recreational opportunities at school sites
  • The area south of the wash at Vincent Lugo Park
  • The area near Roosevelt Elementary School, which was underserved socioeconomically
  • The area south of Valley Boulevard
  • The Chinese community, which needs more outreach

New facility and amenity requests:

  • An off-leash dog park
  • A community center, with a gym, public meeting spaces and offices for staff
  • A modernized pool with a splash pad
  • Walking paths
  • Bike lanes

Top resident priorities included:

  • Addressing deferred maintenance, including the renovation of existing facilities
    • Specific attention was given to the Smith Park Pool and the Community Recreation Center
  • Connectivity for pedestrians
  • Increased open space
  • Dog park
  • A community center
  • More partnerships, community events and funding
  • Branding, communication and marketing

Here are some noteworthy slides that do a great job of summarizing resident feedback, and how the City should move forward:

All in all, the plan includes recommendations and proposals alongside extensive feedback from the community. We encourage you to give it a read and attend the April 3 study session to learn more.