City Council to hear diversity and inclusion resolution

The next City Council meeting on April 3 is quickly approaching, so here’s a preview of what will be heard:

City Council to hear diversity and inclusion resolution  

In response to the February 6 City Council meeting, the City Council will be reviewing a resolution that welcomes both native born and immigrants to the City of San Gabriel. The resolution is intended to help aid local law enforcement by encouraging undocumented immigrants to come forward with information about crime without the fear of deportation.

The resolution is intended to foster local control by ensuring that the federal government does not transfer the responsibility of enforcing U.S. immigration laws to City of San Gabriel employees. More specifically, all City employees will not request, maintain or disclose information regarding a person’s citizenship or immigration status when providing a City service except as otherwise required by law. The federal government has the exclusive authority to enforce federal immigration law.

Finally, the resolution also ensures that City employees are given the resources to make referrals to legal and educational services for immigrants. A pamphlet will be prepared that outlines local resources in the region.

Public Works seeks approval to purchase new utility truck

To maintain the City’s fleet of vehicles and building generators, Public Works is requesting that the City Council approve the purchase of a 2018 Ram 5500 truck for $86,011.80 from National Joint Powers Alliance (or the NJPA). The NJPA is a cooperative that leverages competitive pricing for purchasing contracts, and the funds would come from an account already allocated for a new utility truck.

The City Council is recommended to waive the bidding requirements and to authorize the purchase of a new utility truck.

Public Works seeks more funds for road and sewer improvements on Del Mar Avenue

In 2017, the City Council approved an agreement with Civiltec Engineering to provide design services for sewer and road improvements on Del Mar Avenue from Chestnut Avenue and Dewey Avenue. To bring all of the project’s curb ramps up to ADA standards, Public Works is requesting an additional $20,390.00 for design services related to the curb ramp improvements.

The City Council is recommended to approve the amendment with Civiltec Engineering Inc. for additional funds.

Public Works seeks funds to maintain San Gabriel Trench

As part of the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority (otherwise known as ACE), the City will be responsible for scheduled monitoring, inspections and maintenance of the trench once construction has been completed.

After receiving no bids for a trench maintenance contract, the City began conversations with Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. Balfour was chosen because of its maintenance work on the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority’s existing freight corridor. After some due diligence, City staff is recommending that Balfour be chosen at a cost of $2,904 per month for a total purchase order of $75,000. Staff is also recommending that a committed funds reserve be set up for trench upkeep.

Staff recommends conditional use permit denial for China Tibetan Herbal Feet Soak

At the March 6 meeting, the City Council upheld the Planning Commission’s decision to deny a conditional use permit for China Tibetan Herbal Feet Soak located at 227 West Valley Boulevard #218A. At the meeting, the City Council directed staff to prepare findings for a denial and to return at the next City Council meeting with a resolution.

City staff is recommending that the City Council adopt a conforming resolution that upholds the Planning Commission’s decision to deny China Tibetan Herbal Feet Soak a conditional use permit.

Staff recommends salary and benefit changes for San Gabriel Firefighters’ Association employees

With both the San Gabriel Firefighters’ Association and the City at an impasse regarding salary and benefit changes, City Staff is recommending that the City Council adopt a resolution for salary and benefit changes for fiscal year 2017-18 while talks continue.

Finally, the City Council will also overhear the following items:

  • Material demands for the payment of City expenditures
  • The adoption of an ordinance that changes the time of City Council meeting from 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on every first and third Tuesday of the month. The Community Services Commission, the Planning Commission, the Historical Preservation and Cultural Resource Commission and the Design Review Commission are also rescheduled to 6:30 p.m. to maintain a consistent time across all City meetings.

As always, you may view the full agenda here. The next meeting will be held on April 3, 2018 at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse.