Making San Gabriel greener: 50 trees planted along Mission Road

San Gabriel’s urban forest is growing with the addition of fifty Australian Willows along Mission Road, thanks to our Public Works department’s park maintenance crews. This latest tree planting project spans from Del Mar Avenue to San Gabriel Boulevard and is part of the ongoing implementation of the City’s street tree master plan.

Adopted as a resolution in 2004, the plan calls for an overarching strategy when it comes to planting trees in the community.

As the plan states:

The City of San Gabriel is comprised of many distinct neighborhoods and commercial corridors, each with its own unique development history and characteristics. The Street Tree Master Plan serves to preserve and enhance these qualities by establishing complementary but distinct sets of recommended species for each of these areas.

“Australian Willows were chosen because of their drought tolerance, relative resilience to pests and overall lower maintenance requirements,” said John Gonzalez, the City’s Parks and Facilities Manager. Gonzalez, who is also a certified arborist, explained that the trees were also chosen because of the sidewalk planter’s narrow dimensions, as you can see in the photos below: