Preview of the February 6 City Council meeting

As San Gabriel heats up this week, be sure to stay cool in Council Chambers at a City Council meeting. To prepare, here’s a preview of the February 6 agenda. As always, you may view the full agenda here.

San Gabriel Police Department signs MOU with Homeland Security Investigations

In December 2017, the San Gabriel Police Department entered into an MOU with Homeland Security Investigations under the Department of Homeland Security to address mid-major crimes in the city, including human trafficking, large scale fraud, counterfeit goods and other fraud-related crimes with local and federal resources.

This partnership will allow the SGPD to take advantage of federal resources, funding and infrastructure. It’s important to note that while all HSI task forces are under U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, HSI has a distinct mission that allows it to conduct investigations that protect against threats to both documented and undocumented residents in the United States. The MOU cannot be used in any way that violates California Senate Bill 54. Under California law, the San Gabriel Police Department does not enforce federal immigration policies, including immigration checks, round-ups or deportations.

Editor’s note – 02-02-2017: This agenda has been revised with a new recommendation. The item will be presented so that the City Council may discuss city policy regarding the MOU

Restoration of the Mission Playhouse façade

After gathering the necessary funds (from foundation grants, donations and allocated funds from the city), the Mission Playhouse is now requesting that the City Council approve $102,500 for the restoration of the Playhouse façade.

As readers of Inside San Gabriel may know, the historic Playhouse façade has been in dire need of refurbishment for the last several years. For reference, the façade was last repaired after the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake.

City Council to receive development impact fee report

To satisfy California law, local agencies – like the City of San Gabriel – are required to publish an accounting report on the development impact fees within 180 days after the close of each fiscal year. The development impact fees are meant to fund the cost of city facilities that will meet the city’s growth demands. This includes projects involving the police department, fire department, parks, streets and sewers.

The City Council is recommended to receive the report at the February 6 hearing to satisfy California law.

Public Works requests $100,000 to assess and repair city sidewalks

To repair and replace damaged sidewalks, the Public Works department is requesting that the city enters into a $100,000 contract with Precision Concrete Cutting to assess and repair the city’s sidewalks.

Instead of replacing concrete panels (which is costly), Public Works staff is proposing that the city utilize a proprietary process to cut the concrete to make the sidewalk surface level. This process complies with all ADA requirements, and can be applied to up to 80% of sidewalk, curb and gutter defects according to Precision Concrete Cutting.

Staff is recommending that the City Council to waive compliance with the formal purchasing procedures and approve an agreement for sidewalk maintenance between the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority and Precision Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Public Works requests change order for the 2016 Great Streets Project

Two years ago, the City Council approved a contract with Sully-Miller Contracting Company to rehabilitate the pavement on several street segments in the city. During this time, the city had the opportunity to rehabilitate Del Mar Avenue between Broadway and Clary Avenue with much of the funding provided by the ACE Project.

This change order is for the repaving of approximately 475 linear feet of street on Del Mar Avenue along with the construction of four pedestrian ramps. Sully-Miller submitted a proposal of $193,226.15 to complete the work, with ACE supplementing $139,272 of the costs. That leaves the city with $53,954.15.

The City Council is recommended to authorize the change order with Sully-Miller Contracting and to approve a purchase order increase of $193,226.15 for a total contract amount of $659,172.15.

Human Resources requests delegating authority to the City Manager to make determinations of disability for retirement purposes

While the title is a mouthful, this is really a change in language from the title of “City Administrator” to “City Manager” in an older resolution. This is to comply with CalPERS’ request that the resolution needs to specify the correct title of the delegating authority, which – in this case – is the City Manager.

The City Council is requested to adopt a resolution to amend Resolution No. 18-05 with the new language.

Salary and benefit changes for the Police Officers’ Association

The City Council is recommended to implement salary and benefit changes for POA employees of the city. These changes include a 4% increase retroactive to June 24, 2017, 1% effective 6/23/18, and 1% effective 6/22/19. The city will also contribute a maximum of $1,568 per month on medical, dental and vision with no cash out, along with four hours of additional holiday on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Other benefits changes can be found in the staff reported linked to above.

Finally, items on the consent calendar include:

The City Council will act on these items on February 6 at Council Chambers