Video: grand opening of Marshall Park

If you missed this weekend’s opening celebration, we posted a video of Marshall Park’s first official day of operation on YouTube. A few notable quotes:

  • Rebecca Perez, Community Services Director: In 2009, the city learned of grant opportunities available through the Prop 84 Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program. In December of that year, the city initiated conversations with Garvey School District about the possibility of a park to be built on the site of John Marshall Elementary School.
    • In March 2010, the City submitted the grant proposal and, in November of that year, received notice that it had been awarded the requested grant amount of over $4.6 million for the development of a park.
    • After various design and permitting challenges throughout the project, in December 2016, we were thrilled to finally begin construction on this park that will have such an impact on the San Gabriel community.
  • Arminé Chaparyan, Interim City Manager: There was coordination between various city departments for the completion of this project. With help from Community Services, Community Development, Public Works, Police, Fire and Finance, this project was a real team effort.
  • Henry Lo, Garvey School District Vice President: When the City of San Gabriel approached the Garvey School District about the proposal to apply for state proposition money to re-purpose this field – this community space – into a park, we absolutely jumped at the idea.