Welcome to Inside San Gabriel

Hello, and welcome to Inside San Gabriel, the official blog of the City of San Gabriel.

As its name suggests, Inside San Gabriel will provide an inside look at the city, with information about City Council decisions, construction projects, city events and more.

Our goal? To present information about your city in a readable and compelling format. The City of San Gabriel offers a host of services to its residents, and it’s our goal to explain what those services are and how they impact the community. In addition, we’ll also present important stories that allow you to get a glimpse of how the city operates on a day-to-day basis with text, photography and video.

For those who already follow our existing city publications such as the Grapevine or CityBeat, you can think of Inside San Gabriel as a living news source that’s constantly updated with the latest information. It’s our goal to produce a blog with compelling content almost every day.

Behind-the-scenes, I will serve as the editor of Inside San Gabriel. However, you’ll also be able to hear directly from city staff as they share their area of expertise.

All in all, we want to make Inside San Gabriel a fun and informative place to read about San Gabriel. If you’d like to share suggestion or two on how we can make this publication better, feel free to email me directly. My inbox is always open. Alternatively, you may also give me a call at 626.308.2803 at extension 624.

Thank you for reading, and welcome.

Jon Fu
Public Information Officer